Interactive Ramsgate

For those that have Google Earth installed, I've created image overlays using old maps of Ramsgate. These are particularly useful when used in conjuction with Google Earth's built in opacity slider which allows you to see Googles imagery through the map. These are surprisingly accurate and provide excellent research tools.

Currently available are:
1735 Plan of Ramsgate (not very accurate but gives a good idea of how the town was)
1822 Collard & Hurst map
1882 Ordnance Survey
1919 Richborough Port plan
Liberty Boundary track
South Eastern, London Chatham & Dover and Southern Railway lines

The link takes you to a kmz file which should automatically start your Google Earth. When prompted follow on screen instructions to open the file. Locate the "Interactive Ramsgate" file in the Temporary Places window and expand it by clicking on the small + sign. Tick the box next to the item you want to view and wait for it to load (be patient, some are quite big files). When ready you can adjust the opacity of the map by using the slider bar just below the Places window (make sure you still have the map highlighted in the Places window). Click on the object's title in the Places window to see information on the object selected. With the tracks you can "fly" the route by highlighting it and clicking on the play tour icon below the Places window.