Doomsday - Cold War Bunkers

Having just visited the "Cold War" Civil Defence Control Centre in Gravesend, I find it almost inconceivable that there wasn't such a structure in the Ramsgate area. The Gravesend bunker (operational 1954-1968) was supplemented by a subsidiary counterpart in nearby Northfleet, which would indicate that Government planning called for one in each town.

Does anyone know of such an establishment in or around Ramsgate?

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Bluenote said...

There was a major underground installation at RAF Ash, which possibly doubled as a nuclear control centre, but now used for some kind of document storage I believe.

Gerald said...

The cold war regional seat of government for this area was at dover castle, and closed in 1984.

The tunnels for this are at a deeper level than the 'secret wartime tunnels' that are open to the public.

Phil said...

Thanks Gerald, that confirms what I always thought about a Regional Seat of Government. I remember hearing about one "nearby" when in Police training at Sandgate.

I've had it confirmed that there was a Civil Defence facility under the Council Offices at Margate.