Can you identify this pub?

Can you identify this pub? The photo is believed to have been taken in Ramsgate in the late fifties or early sixties. The "Bob & Phil" sign says they appeared twice daily which may give a clue, and the large "shelf" is quite distinctive.
The lady playing the piano accordion wasn't a regular member of the band as she mainly played in Canterbury.,143.0.html


peter said...

i think it is the Refrectory pub which is now a amusement arcade next to the East Cliff lift

Phil said...

Thanks for that Peter, it fits nicely with what we know.

Phil said...

Peter, another photo has surfaced showing the lady in a car parked outside the Pavilion just opposite the Refectory pub, so it looks as though you're right. See HERE
Thanks for your help.

Peter said...

as a kids we used to look through the pub window at Bob and Phil ,it was packed in those days and i think i can still smell the ale!!