Report on the Royal Harbour of Ramsgate 1869

A report on the Ramsgate's Royal Harbour has been added to the website. The report was made to The Board of Trade by Captain Tyler, R.E., Captain W.H. Walker, and H.R. Williams, Esq. on the 5th June 1869

This fascinating document is in 24 pages and details a complete picture of the harbour at that time, including a brief history, condition and workings of the harbour, buildings & equipment, staff responsibilities, rates of pay, living accomodation, income, expenditure, schedule of rates, dues and charges levied, recommendations for cost improvements etc. etc. This is one of the most fascinating documents I have read on Ramsgate. Click HERE to read it.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like a freedom of information request is priced at 1s.9d. from HMSO.

I wonder if a copy was made available to the residents of Ramsgate.

Peter said...

thanks Phil,fascinating article