You may have read a recent article in the local press regarding the re-opening of the Ramsgate Tunnels. If you didn’t see it, you can read it online at HERE

The history of the tunnels is well recorded, but what's not recorded in any detail are the memories of residents who used them. What were the emotions when the siren was sounded? What was life like underground while the town was being destroyed above? I remember the air raid sirens being tested in the 1950’s and my mother was rushing around to find the local paper to check this was a scheduled test and not an air raid! It must have left an impression.

Part of the current tunnel project is to record a “spoken word” history to accompany written records. Do you know anyone in the 80+ age group who used the tunnels? You’ll be surprised what Mum, Dad, Gran and Granddad can tell you when prompted. My mother has always told me she never used the tunnels. Now, as a result of this project she has told me she went down them twice, and even remembers details of the occasions.

If you can help we would like you to contact us and discuss how we can best record the memories. You can email:, or telephone 01843 599153.