£53,000 for Ramsgate Tunnels Heritage Project?

Ramsgate Tunnels Heritage Project has made it to the final of The Jubilee People’s Millions with a project to document and survey the manmade Ramsgate Tunnel structures in order to restore and preserve them as part of an all-weather, year-round tourist and heritage project. The survey will properly document the entire tunnel system so as to clearly define its true condition, collate all the available documentary evidence and draw up a workable business plan to develop them as a heritage attraction.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED. The tunnels will go head to head with another project from Medway and viewers of ITV Meridian will decide who gets the money by a telephone vote on Monday 27th June. This is your chance to help the town with this community based project. Please sign up as a Friend of Ramsgate Tunnels and we can keep you informed of how and when to vote.

For more details visit RamsgateTunnels.org