Ramsgate Town Station

Here's one for the railway enthusiasts.

The above map shows the S.E.R. Railway and Town Station layout as it was in 1872. Click on the map to enlarge it. To help you get your bearings, Clarence Road shown parallel with the Margate & Ramsgate Branch is today known as Hillbrow Road. The Branch from Ashford runs from the sidings between the current Railway Station and Sorting Office in Wilfred Road to Chatham Court at the junction of Margate Road and Sation Approach Road..


John Horton said...
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John Horton said...

A Brilliant peice of History regarding the Railways of Thanet! Well Done. I am attempting to write a book about the line from Ramsgate Town to Margate, the old trcak bed partly remaining and this has proved to be very useful. If possible I would very much like to include a copy of this plan in the book with your permission of course and full credit will given to you.

John Horton, Margate

Phil said...

No problem with using the Station plan or anything else you find on the site. I’m just pleased that material I have will find its way into print, thus enhancing its chances of survival.

Feel free to contact me direct if you find anything else on the site you require . . . phil@ramsgatehistory.com