Memories of St George's School

My memories of my days at St: George’s School.

In 1936 some of us boys were told to attend at this school to sit an examination. Those who obtained the necessary marks were then selected to attend at either Chatham House, St George’s or Ellington to continue their schooling when the next term started the following September. I passed for St: George’s and that was at that time in School Road, it was a long building with the boys at one end and the girls the other. It extended through to School Lane at the rear with no form of entrance or exit in the high wall there. Another high wall separated the two yards at the back but there was a communal Hall between the two schools inside with a door at each end to allow each school to use the Hall, at different times of course, for morning assembly and P T classes. I think there were even curtains on the inside of each door.

The first day there, we found ourselves with other lads from other parts of the town and we were then selected to be part of either A or B streams .... 

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Millicent said...

My Dad (sadly now deceased) was at St George's but left in 1935. I still have some of his certificates and a copy of the Georgian magazine. He was also in the scouts and I have a photo of him in his uniform taken when he was about 13.