Mysterious Local Business

This Old Ramsgate photo (click on it to enlarge) is a mystery as I can't find the business listed in any of the directories published by Michael's Book Shop. Can anyone help out with the date, location and any other info?

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derick97 said...

It's above The main sands,when ECR was made leader in 1849 at the age of 29, he had the buildings demolished to make way for the cliff top mansion and then forty years later in 1889 when ECR was 29 it became thanets premier blog spot,now in 2010 its still thanets top blog spot and ECR at the grand old age of 29 is still going strong

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find ECR was age 31 in 1849. It was only later he became 29

Richard Eastcliff said...

Very good!